Yesterday morning, while having time alone with the Lord, I kinda kvetched about my list of chores. Isn’t our King marvelous? He takes the kvetching and turns into a moment of realization. Scorn: that’s how I treated all those “I have to’s.” I’ll admit, some chores are truly a burden and easy to scorn, but others only perhaps mundane. But—boom-I saw: it’s my choice. I can look at what lies in front of me with scorn, or I can embrace these items as a gift. If I believe each activity, responsibility, etc., is specifically chosen by Yeshua for me, then it is an opportunity to receive from His Hand THE SACRAMENT OF THE MOMENT.

Twice in my life I chose not embracing two lives given to me. Those lives were conceived in sin, but nonetheless, I scorned what now I wish I had embraced. Only when I enter into His Kingdom (which is only by His Grace), will I hold them.

Now I live in the Light of His love and truth – therefore, may I not scorn the life He has given me, but instead receive it from Him and embrace it. Each and every moment, treating them as sacraments.