Longing for His Return

This morning the last song before the Pastor came to the pulpit was In Christ Alone. Together as the Messiah’s Body, we sang, Till He returns or calls me home, Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand

And when Pastor Billy then made mention of how we are all longing for His return, it reminded me of an unexpected moment i had yesterday morning. i was attending my monthly Word Weavers writers’ critique group. I did the unforgiveable– I forgot to turn my cell phone off. So there we were in our beloved writers circle when my husband texted me. I have an extra special text tone for Michael–it’s the sound of the shofar. So, when out of nowhere everyone heard the sound of the trump, WOW, if you could have have seen the look of sheer delight on everyone’s face. Of course, it didn’t take long to realize it was not the sound of the LAST TRUMP (oh, if only it were), but, I believe, it afforded us a moment to remember and reflect on our mutual longing.