Had to go to the dentist the other day for what I was told would be a plain-old cavity. Oh, how i dread even the pain (cute typo, huh?) plain old fill and drill. So before he starts, I’m told “this could become a little complicated. Could become a root canal and crown . . .” Charming.

Now here’s the prophecy part: our dentist is a Jewish man who says he doesn’t believe in Jesus, but he’s been reading Jonathan Cahn, first The Harbinger and then The Shemitah. So I ask, “What if I delay having anything done since it doesn’t hurt right now and we wait and see?” He says, “Well, eventually you’ll need to get it fixed.” Thrilled to have found a way out of the dreaded dentist chair and also an opportunity to witness to this Jewish man, I said, “Hey, you’re reading Jonathan Cahn, right?” He nodded. Then I said, “So, I’ll take my chances and wait until after September. If I’m still here, then you can drill and fill.” If you could have seen the sparkle in his face when he realized what I was saying. “The Shemitah,” he exclaimed.

I signed the “declining of services” paper, walked out of the office, and prayed he would be talking to his entire staff (one Believer in the office).