This weekend I watched Saturday Night Live, which I hadn’t watched for over 25 years—for that’s when YESHUA’S LOVE BROKE THROUGH MY UPSIDE-DOWN WORLD. Tuning into the show this Saturday, I remembered that once a upon a time being a cast member of Saturday Night Live was my “dream” – having auditioned and my agent telling me they were considering me, wow-oh-wow, I EXPECTED TO GET WHAT I WANTED—I’D BE A STAR! Eventually I was told, “We got Gilda Radner, we don’t need you”. At that time, I was heartbroken—but today my heart is exploding with gratitude. My Bridegroom Yeshua knows never to give me something just because I want it! What a mess my life would be if that happened. No, He bestows upon His children only that which is good and perfect.

And today, as His Child I realize I can even now behave as a “spoiled brat / only child” – I want it, so shouldn’t I be given it? Amazingly, He loves each of us as if we were HIS ONLY CHILD (He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs and knows every hair on our head—and somehow loves us as if it were for ourselves alone He endured the cross). Yet I need to be on the alert for I can easily slip back into the attitude of kicking my feet and demanding I get what I want—when I want it!

I bet we all have had moments where we were reminded of something we had once longed for and today are so grateful we had a loving Father who said “no.” Want to share any such moments you had?9781498441612_Cov2.indd